Sampling the Wine

The sommelier gives you a splash of wine and you, the host, must smell and taste the wine, with all eyes on you and all conversation halted. This only has to take moment and should not take much more than that.

Featured Vineyard/Farm

The Rogue Appellation Garagiste Society (RAGS)

The Rogue Appellation Garagiste Society (RAGS) was conceived and organized by a group of southern Oregon small production vintners in late 2005. Like the French Garagistes we are limited production viticulturist and vintners. RAGS members are committed to perfection and detail, in our wines and vineyards, for the best expression of variety, site, and vine management. We expect high quality and share a responsibility to our region and state for accepting only the best.

Trium Winery

7112 Rapp Lane
Talent, OR 97540
Phone: (541) 535-4015

Trium wine comes from our vineyards dedicated to only the highest quality, true to the terrior of the region and farmed with environmental awareness. Savor the wines from our hearts to your table.

Open Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July week and Labor Day weekend and by appointment.

Daisy Creek Vineyard

675 Shaker Lane
Jacksonville, OR 97530
Phone: (541) 899-8329

Situated east of Jacksonville, OR, Daisy Creek Vineyard derives its name from the creek which meanders toward the Rogue River. Our estate-grown grapes go into four fine wines that have been described as "elegant and gentle".

Madrone Mountain

540 Tumbleweed Trail
Jacksonville, OR 97540
Phone: (541) 899-9642

Madrone Mountain produces very limited quantities of award-winning artisanal apéritif and dessert wines, primarily port-styled reds and late harvest whites, in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. Tasting by appointment only.